Back in.. ooh.. March? Charlotte wrote her Liebster post, and tagged me as a recipient. Now, from what I understand, a Liebster award is essentially a way to tell someone with a small blog that you think they’re ace. Which is pretty lovely, really. I’ve been meaning to post up my answers to Charlotte’s questions for ages, but.. well.. I’m not that good of a blogger.

I’ll admit, this all feels a little self-indulgent, but sometimes we need a little bit of that. It is also seriously reminding me of the good old days when Alice and I would post ‘about me’ surveys from livejournal up on our blogs featuring questions like ‘What time are you starting this?’, ‘Do you wear sunscreen?’, ‘Have you ever had fondue ‘, ‘What is your best friends middle name?’, ‘Is your room clean?’, ‘When did you last shower?’ and then I’d set my mood to ‘bored’. Simpler times.

specialness Liebster

1. What’s your favourite thing to do when you have time alone?

Time alone? I don’t remember what time alone is like. These days, my ‘time alone’ is spent doing the food shopping so that I don’t have to go through the hell of dragging, literally, an impatient toddler around a supermarket. Oh, I’m also usually alone when I’m cleaning the bathroom. Or having a shower. SIGH. Scheduled time alone? Well.. I’d probably take a nap. Motherhood, yo.

2. If you could move to any place in the world, where would it be?

Easy, I’d move back North to be annoyingly close to my mum.

3. What item will you be coveting for the new season?

Sunshine. That’s what you mean, right?

4. What’s your favourite season?

Autumn, but I’ll take Spring too. I also really like Winter, when it’s not dragging on for a silly amount of time, and Summer is alright when it’s not too hot. I’m all about the Autumn leaves though. There’s something about Autumn, hope and new beginnings and Christmas not too far away. Happy times.

5. Drink of choice?

Tea. Always tea.

6. A childhood memory?

As I watch Becca’s relationship with my Mum develop, I’ve been thinking a bit about what I remember of the time I spent with my Granny. I have a lot of little snippets of memories of her. Moments that I remember really clearly, although they seem completely unremarkable. I remember her showing me how to make tea. I remember the steps up to her little flat. I remember our sleepovers, lying on her fold out bed that squeaked like crazy at the side of her bed while she whispered me stories and I didn’t want to sleep. I remember a lamp that she had, and the way her seats felt. I remember making a cross stitch of a pig with her after school, and getting bored when all that was left was white. I remember her crockery and the jam jars sterilizing in the oven. All of these little fragments make up this fuzzy, happy, warm memory of a childhood that has grown a little muddled over time, and I love them.

7. Tea or coffee?

See #5.. always tea. I really don’t like coffee.

8. What’s your favourite dish to cook?

I’m really not a cooking person. I like to bake, but cooking is really just to serve a purpose. I am impatient, as is my child, and much time spent on preparation for a wonderful dish is not much appreciated by her (as in: MUMMY NO KITCHEN GO UPSTAIRS WATCH TELLY NOOOO). So, yeah. Pasta?

9. Favourite TV programme?

It would be impossible for me to choose.  I’ll always have a place in my heart for Six Feet Under. The Office (the American one, I hated ‘our’ Office), Girls, Breaking Bad, Scandal, Louie, Modern Family, Dexter, Mad Men, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Glee, Homeland, The Americans, Suits and The Newsroom are all things we watch/have watched recently, and, well, I don’t watch stuff that I don’t enjoy. I also love a bit of crap ‘reality’ telly.. Teen Mom, Real Housewives, Gold Rush. Yes. TLC is my new favourite channel.

10. Celeb crush?

Russell Howard. No shame.

11. What 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

I’d actually like to invite a bunch of people I have met through blogs and twitter who I most likely will never get to meet, but all seem like lovely mums who I wish lived just around the corner to pop in for a cuppa. If I had to choose just five.. hmm.. I think I’d have to pick Charlotte, Emma, Abigail, Kimberlee and Alice, although that’s already missing out people who I’d have to invite on the sly. I won’t be cooking though, unless you’re all happy with pasta topped with cheese. Actually, maybe we should just go to the pub instead?


Now.. I’m supposed to pass this award on to 5 more small blogs. Screw the rules, I’m not gonna. See, all the blogs I’d have passed this on to have already had it from someone else, and one of the blogs I found when I googled the Liebster seemed to really stress the importance of NO TAG BACKS OK?!? and I really don’t need the internet police on my back. So, instead, go read the blogs in my sidebar and the lovely ladies that I’d invite to my.. uh.. pub lunch.. instead. I’m sure you’ll find them all super interesting as they are, without the need for 11 question prompts. I do.

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  1. Posted 29.05.2013 at 10:33 PM | Permalink

    aw would love to have a dinner party…actually a night at the pub with you! We could try?!

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